How to preview or test a sales channel?

Hello everyone

I am making a new page and would like to see a preview or test the output.
is there a way to do that

You can do it on a (local) staging version, or on a live site and set it on maintenance. Just put your IP in the sales channel so you can test it.

Thank you for your answer.

if i may ask, what do you mean by „You can do it on a (local) staging version“.

how do that?

You are welcome

Never done it by myself. I think if you are not familiar to linux etc. like me it will be difficult. So I prefered the instal on my Hosting Server, set the sales channel on maintenance and started building.

that is a problem because another comapny is hosting the server and i dont have Access to that server and on local machine, i can not accssess store. it seems like i can not do anything in shopware

Without a possibility to make an backup i would not mess with my live shop anyway.
To be sure, dowe speak about a Landingpage for the shop or a whole shop ?

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Yeah, i figured this much.

honestly, anything. for now i want to test a page but as you said, i dont want to mess up any live shop so i was thinking of a test shop but it seems there is no way to test nither a page nor a shop, unless im missing something

If you cant access the server and are not able to install shopware on a local pc the only way would be getting a cheap hosting package that is able to run shopware and install a fresh version. So you can try and what ever you want. Maybe you can even try a small X days for free trail account at one of all these hosting companys.

I guess that is the way to do it.
would have been nice if you just could test it, rather than just having everything live and that is it

thank you for your help