How to edit the home page?

A stupid question, but where do I edit the home page? :sweat_smile:

I have created a layout (Shopping Experience) and set the layout for the top level category (this is the entry point) to this layout.

Issue: If I go to Catalogues / Categories, select the top level category and then the Layout tab, it seems that I can edit the different sections of my layout. But none of the changes here are reflected on the front page.

Note: The category is set as a Page / List type

Working: To be able to edit anything, I need to go back to Shopping Experience and make the edits.

Maybe I have misunderstand, but should I not be able to edit the content through the categories menu? :thinking:

Note: this is a migrated Magento 1 site.

Did you set the layout to the page you have edited in the Shooping Experience?

How to: Shopware 6 - Tutorials & FAQs - How to design my Homepage

Yes, I have set the layout through the category layout setting (see image).

Now, when I compare to another (local) dev site I’m working on, I notice that there is a small difference (see image):
On a site that is working, the name of the layout template is showing, but not on the „misbehaving“ site.

Not sure why it’s so - maybe it have to do with the migration from Magento 1?

sorry, don’t know why.

perhaps try to set a other test page?

No worries! I’m thankful that you tried.
I will start over again and see if it was something else I missed.

I have the similar problem with the homepage on a local installation. I can change the layout, but changing the layout configuration has no effect.

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Thanks @Max_Shop
I’ll report back if/when I found out why.

@Gendai and @Max_Shop
I have found the course to my issue: I had set the layout to the homepage at two different (?) places.

First: I set it by selecting the top level category and the Layout tab.

Second: At some point I also set the it at top level category, the General tab. Under the section „Navigation“ there is a button „Configure home page“. And I assigned the same layout. (I think it was because I did not see any changes on the home page - but, of course, it was a cache issue).

Clearing this one (see image), solves the problem with editing the home page.

This raises the question: which one or what „home page“ do you configure here? What is the purpose with this button? Very confusing, and I can not find any documentation about this. :thinking:

Not sure this will help you, @Max_Shop

You can hide the Home link in the navigation or rename it. What the layout is for, I do not know. Yes, that must be empty. I knew that, still configuration will not work. It is really odd since on other installations it is not a problem at all.

@magnus thank you.