How do I pass a value from a subscriber.php class to my html.twig file?

I have created a Subscriber.php file that assigns values from config.xml file to the css variables using the following tutorial:

I want to pass these variables to inline css in my index.html.twig file. Can someone help me out as to how I can get this done?

Passing variables from PHP to Twig templates is not that hard. I have a tutorial about this on my Shopware blog: How to get the data from PHP to the Twig template - It also includes an example with a subscriber, so I think that is what you are looking for.

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That is not working for me.

This is the code that I have in my Subscriber file. I want the variables $configPlugintextcolor and $configPluginfontsize to be accessible in my twig file.

When I do a dump in my index.html.twig file, I get this on the storefront:

I tried searching via ctrl+f in the dump but the variables are still not there
This is my index.html.twig file for reference: