Have a problem with nocache part of template

While dev. my own plugin I have problem with caching template. I`m replace base content on page with login form and when the user visit the page, it cached and user all time see only login form even he login in success. How can I deprecate cache,part of template, or whole page. SW ver. 4.1.4. Thanks.

Please I need help very much.

Hello, maybe that’s a solution for you to deactivate the whole cache while development post100428.html Sebastian

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Problem is that, I doesnt need to cach part of page all time or even whole page. How can I do this?

Hi, you can remove pages from the cache by removing them from the cache whitelist in the performance module (see attached image). Best regards, Daniel

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Thanks, for your answer, this is one way the problem can be solved. Few minuts ago I`m resolve problem by using widgets :slight_smile: Thanks for all who answered :thumbup: