Generating & Attaching Invoice PDF with order email

Hello All, First of all sorry to use English as i am unable to communicate in German. My requirement is when user order anything on shop, I have to generate proforma Invoice and send it as attachment to Order email. While exploring Mail templates, I have found regarding attachment but it will attach static files. In my case i have to attach Proforma Invoice of that order. Is there any configuration for attachment of dynamic files or even Invoice with order email or i have to develop plugin for this ? Please help me to achieve this.

Hi zaid_ilink, there’s no Shopware in-house functionality for this feature, and because of that we’ve created a plugin to achieve this. The plugin is called „Automatische Rechnungserstellung & -versand“, which can be translated to „automatic invoice creation and transfer“ and can be found here. With this plugin it is possible to configure the order and payment states, when the invoice should be generated and sent to the customer. It is even possible to attach the invoice pdf to the order confimation email. If you have any questions don’t hesitate and ask us.