Frontend Smarty HTML generation

Hey again :),

Another topic to ask about sugestions, after some hours digging strange behavior.

Regarding Smarty and content translation, i’m editing a user form registration. The problem is: at .ini translation files i’ve edited some keys and added new ones, but cache file is generated with the old values for edited keys and no strings for new translation keys.

I’ve tried so far:

  • Put at development mode
  • Change HTTPCache settings
  • manually delete cache folder content

Does anyone have some suggestion for this?

(i’ve search some similar topic but none found, sorry, German isn’t easy too :slight_smile: )



If you are (1)  developing a plugin , reinstalling the plugin might already do the trick. You can stop reading here, then :)

If you (2)  changed the INI files in the core (which I won’t recommend), you can run this command from the CLI:  php bin/console sw:snippets:to:db.

Also you can configure shopware to load the snippets from the INI file in your config.php:

    'snippet' => [
        'readFromDb' => true,
        'writeToDb' => true,
        'readFromIni' => false,
        'writeToIni' => false,
        'showSnippetPlaceholder' => false,

As you can see, you could change the „readFromDb“ and „readFromIni“ settings. But as mentioned earlier: This is only required for the  core INI files  and it is  not recommended , as the next Shopware update will probably overwrite your changes.

Best regads,


Hi Daniel,

In fact your answer helped me. Project had a several .INI files created with proper translations. Even with cleared cache translation values keep the same. As you said, s_core_snippets hold the values. Next I’ve deleted the snippets, ran   php bin/console sw:snippets:to:db  command and „voilá“ new values OK.

With snippet configs changed to get values from files it worked too.

Can you tell me what is the goal for field „dirty“ of s_core_snippets? Because, if i did not saw wrong, CLI command added snippet values and did not updated. Dirty field is related with updates?


Thanks for the help.