Float, Flexbox or Grid in 2019?

Quick question… I’m in the middle of an Advanced CSS course and it is going over using Float Layouts to build the entire layouts of the website.9apps.ind.in

In the video (2017) the instructor mentions that Flexbox and CSS Grid is supported but not widely available but maybe in the future so building using float layouts are still a good idea.


It is now 2019, and from what I am reading almost everyone is now using Flexbox and CSS Grid?


Is it worth spending a few days doing a tutorial on Float Layouts? I don’t want to waste time doing things that are outdated or picking up bad habits.

He has since updated the course with Flexbox and CSS Grid tutorial projects so deciding if I should skip this section. It’s a long section that’s close to 10 hours of video. Lot of wasted time if this style is no longer in favor.

If I where you I would learn how to handle flexbox and stuff like this…

As you can see here in the link flexbox is now widly accepted and ready to use:


In my opinion: Learn everything you possibily can. float-layouts is not that difficult and pretty easy to learn. Should not take longer then 30mins. or so. Everything else comes with experience.

But regarding layouts in general: I would focus on grid+flexbox. Grid & Flex are way more complex then float. 

Layout is always a mix of technologies. Sometimes flex is ideal to solve a problem quickly, while sometimes a simple float does what you want. 

I’m currently working on a layout that uses Grid and Flex. However, it is working against the codebase of the Bare-Theme most of the time. If I would start over I would use floats for a layout based on the Bare/Responsive-Theme. Will save you a lot of headaches.