Field: House number is not filled

Hello everyone,

Shopware community:
I am currently working on my shopping cart. As soon as you have decided on a product and then click on “Checkout”, the customer can either log in (existing customer) or register again. For the registration I would like to have the field street and house number separately. The whole thing also works, only if I would like to change the address again in the next step, then the field house number will not be filled.

Here is the code from the “shipping_fieldset” template file (to be found in: frontend-> register).

{block name = ‘frontend_register_shipping_fieldset_input_street’}

{/ block}

I made the same adjustment in the billing_fieldset.tpl file. I have determined the whole values ​​for the parameters (name, id, value, …) myself, is it allowed to do so at all or must they be determined again somewhere. If yes, where? I queue up somehow because I just don’t know which parameter should fill the field for me.

Here is the link to the test environment:

How you come to the problem:

  1. Throw a product into the shopping cart
  2. Then click the “Checkout” button
  3. Activate the checkbox Do not create a customer account and fill in the fields.
  4. Then click “Next”
  5. Then press the “Back” button at the top (does not work properly either because it always goes one step further instead of back. If I click on “Back” on the browser it does the same. That would be another problem where I was no further progress  ;))
  6. Now just click on edit address
  7. Result: Although the house number was filled in in the first step, it is not displayed here (by the way, it is not already in the overview of step 6).

I would like to thank you now all!