Enhanced eCommerce Tracking via GTM


I am attempting to set up Enhanced eCommerce tracking via Analytics through GTM. Everything is set up correctly however I am not getting any data through on the eCommerce section (other traffic data is appearing correctly). I have the following plugin installed (http://store.shopware.com/en/blmedia01140/google-tag-manager.html) if anyone has any ideas, tips or tricks I’d be grateful to know!

Ok… No answers, does that mean people aren’t using it and are opting to track enhanced e-commerce some other way or because I’m missing something fundamental here?  Angry-Face

If anyone has any experience in this I’d be grateful for some feedback. 

There is a chrome extension to check whether the analytics code is correctly implemented or not on your website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tag-assistant-by-google/kejbdjndbnbjgmefkgdddjlbokphdefk

First you should check if there are any errors with the implementation on your site.

Hi, I have the same problem. Google Analytics is working (also verified it with Tag Assistent), but enhanced e-commerce is not. There is a description on this site https://www.ranking-check.de/blog/enhanced-e-commerce-plugin-fuer-shopware-kunden/, on how to configure it, unfortunatly steps „Enhanced E-Commerce im GTM aktivieren“ and „Enhanced E-Commerce Tags im GTM anlegen“ are not really explained. Could anyone please describe this steps in more detail. That would be really helpful

I too have had exactly the same problem analytics traffic being tracked. No transactions or enhanced e-commerce not working. 

Does anyone have any guide for this?

Hey. There is full solution on Top 8 eCommerce analytics tools for 2021 - Eaglytics Co. this blog i have read.

I was facing same problem.