Early access vs Developer Preview

Hi everyone!

We are planning to use SW6 and we are working on creating a theme and required modules (features) for our business.
What is the difference between Early Access and Developer Preview?

It seems that there are two ways of getting SW6
GitHub (Developer Preview) and Showare page (Early Access)

The Dev Preview has more demo data and seems to be more updated, has some missing features like the preinstalled Paypal plugin and language plugin wizard.

But Early Access seems to be less updated but there are some “out of the box” features

Can somebody explain the difference between them?

And which should we develop and watch on?

Thank you!

Hi Yafar,

to not let this unaswered: best would be to develop on the Early Access at that point, as the Dev Preview was the „older“ version of the two.
Now there is a Production template and a Development template of Shopware 6, depending on what feature you want to implement, you can decide if you want to use the dev template or the production template (e.g. adding an additional cache system would not make sense in the dev template as it is not using cache at all)
Link to the production template: https://github.com/shopware/production
Link to the development template: https://github.com/shopware/development

Kind regards,