Dynamic plugin configuration



I want to create a plugin configuration fields dynamically, based on some information from the database (instead of specifying those values in the config.xml file).
In a nutshell, it should be a list of simple dropdown fields:

Field 1 (Options: Yes/No)

Field 2 (Options: Yes/No)


Field N (Options: Yes/No)


I checked \Shopware\Core\System\SystemConfig\Service\ConfigurationService::getConfiguration() and \Shopware\Core\System\SystemConfig\Util\ConfigReader::getConfigFromBundle() and I don’t see any events available to subscribe for modifying the behavior of the configuration page.


Perhaps, the best way is to create a custom component.

Is there a simple way to create a collection of sw-simple-select components?


I don’t have much experience with the Shopware, so any help would be highly appreciated.