Display Product Streams items from sub-categories on parent category

Hi there,

We have some campain categories on our shop with the follow structure:

Campain category (no stream)

  - Campain sub-category 1 ( stream A )

  - Campain sub-category 2 ( stream B )

Out of the box, if we click on any „Campain sub-category“ (1 or 2) the items from product streams ( A or B ) are displayed. But, we would like to see the products from stream A and B when we click on Campain category (parent category), is that possible?


There is no inheritance when using product streams. If you want to display all products that are included in stream A and stream b, you need to create a new product stream, that will include the articles of both streams. In some cases this isn’t possible because the conditions exclude each other.