Discount code = free order = bug


We have created a promo code : “testcode” value = 25€
We tested an order, we bought an item that cost 10€ and applied the promo code
Cart total is 0€

the following error occurs:

Could not create a Mollie Payment Url, error: Could not create Mollie order, error: [2020-12-02T20:41:37+0000] Error executing API call (422: Unprocessable Entity): The amount is lower than the minimum. Field: payment.amount. Documentation: Create order — API v2 documentation — Mollie

Can you help ?

How can I allow 0 euros orders ?

I think you should create a payment method “free” and add a rule to it.


Thanks for answering.  I have created the rule if cart <= 0€  

But that would mean that the customer has to manually select the “free payment” if VISA/MASTERCARD is the default payment mean 

How could I force the payment mean to be the only one available if cart is 0€ ?

Am I missing something ?

Anybody please ?


I tried Slack and someone tried kindly to help me but I"m still stuck.


Any idea guys on how I could achieve this ?

Can anybody help?