Custom Javascript plugin


This is totally basic but the doc just does not make sense to me. I’m trying to override a JS plugin as described here.

The end of the tutorial states that for any of that to work, I should run /psh.phar storefront:build. I can’t find any information on that. Where does psh.phar does even come from?

Obviously I’ve downloaded it from Github, then its doc says we need a file .psh.xml to run psh.phar. There is no such file in my plugin, so how I am supposed to make it up? I’ve taken the basic .psh.xml template described in the Github repo but then running the command (from the root of my plugin) yields The schemaOrCallable argument has to be a valid path to XSD file or callable.

How is it supposed to work? Where is the .psh.xml file is supposed to come from to compile a basic JS plugin? Why aren’t there clear instructions in the doc? I’m totally confused by this most basic task.


You execute the psh.phar file from the root of the directory of your development template.

If you use the production template, the commands are described within the Git Repo:

That did work. Since I was only working with twig files in my plugin before, I hadn’t go through the development installation process.
Thanks @ShapeAndShift!