create a new page

Hi How can we create a new page with in the shopware. for example in the checkout process, i would like to create a new page with url say „checkout/payment“ and list all the available payment options there. In general how can we create a new page other than the default pages provided by shopware thx Jijo

Hi, generally you can create distinct pages with the “shop pages” module in the content section. With a custom seo url you might get good results. Those pages your mentioned, however, are controllers: Those controllers enable you to have own templates, own code in it and so one. In order to create an own controller you’ll need a little plugin. Registering a controller is described here: … opware_4.2 If you think of “checkout” being a controller, things like “checkout/payment” are called “controller actions”. They are implemented as distinct methods inside a controller, e.g. “paymentAction”. We do not support adding new actions to existing controllers officially. You might have a look at the event “Enlight_Controller_Action_Frontend_Checkout_Payment”, however. I would recommend an own, distinct controller. Best regards, Daniel