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I am currently making a Kubernetes setup for the newest ShopWare 6.

Everything works great, except for the Redis service (cache and session).

I have been looking everywhere in the project code but I do not see where should I set the config file.

In Shopware 5 it was on config.php, but that file structure does not exist any more.

Any suggestions?

Since this is not fully tested / implemented yet, there is no documentation for it. This will be available later, when it is meant to be used.

But the new shopware 6 is based on symfony - so you are able to use the symfony standard to add redis support without any additional development. There is no such thing as a config.php, since everything works with environment-variables.


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Could somebody give me some more information or examples on how to approach this?

I have read the documentation from Symfony but there are too many differences in the Shopware project compared to the Symfony documentation

Or when I can expect to see an extended ShopWare 6 documentation about it? 


The configuration should look somewhat like the one mentioned¬†in the section ‚ÄěSymfony Configuration‚Äú of this blog article:¬†Using Redis for session handling in Symfony 4.1+

When configured according to this settings, symfony will use redis as session handler.

You will have to wait for an official documentation, since we are still in the early access phase of the product.

Hi @Yafar_iSi‚Äć

Is there a possibility that you share your shopware k8s setup?


Hi @byte_thomas‚Äć

Sure, I am always glad to help

Feel free to find me in Slack ‚Äú‚Ä̬†@¬†TaiKamilla

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