Changing the VAT lables in the Order Page to GST

namaskara All,

We are looking for solution for the change the VAT label to GST as the tax term. Able to change all the filed using the snippets, but only in Order page it is still showing as VAT.

any pointer will be great help.

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I am actually looking for the same answer. In Australia, the text term is GST too.

These are different snippets. Just search for VAT or MwSt (German) in the snippet section.

Even after updating the snippets files and converting all the VAT fields to GST. In order page still it shows VAT only.

Could you tell me the URL, without your domain?

Please find the URL as requested and also the screen shot.


That is the Backend. I guess you will not find these texts in the snippets. You probably have to adjust the snippets in the backend plugin (administration).

Just look für your language.

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Max_shop, did try on the snippet page. But it didn’t help. Still getting the VAT as the display even after updating it to be GST.

Did you change the englisch language? In my example it was the file for the german language.

Thank you for the solution, it did work out.

Had to change the language from English to German and back to English in user interface language.