Basic information - E-Mail doesn't change

Hi everyone!
If i change the E-Mail of the Shop Owner in the Basic Information setting, the e-mail will change, but the e-mails (kontaktform etc.) goes on the old e-mail.
What / where can the problem are?
SMTP or local Mail-Server config, same result.

Where would be the basic information (E-Mail) in the Database saved? How is the table named?

@Foxterra Hi, the settings for the emails are in the system_config table. You can get them, using this SQL statement:

SELECT * FROM system_config WHERE configuration_key = '';

Please note, that if you have more sales channels, then there might be more records and your problem might be caused by the fact, that you have changed just the default email, that is overridden by emails, set individually for each sales channel.

There is also a setting for Admin email. In the lower left corner, there is a link to Your profile, where you can change it.

First, thanks very much for your answer.

So i checked in the SQL with your cmd, and i can see in the table: {"_value": „the-actually-and-right-email“}
So SQL works correctly.

i have more sales channel yes.
i changed the email in basic information manually the single one, (all got the same email) and this doesnt work.
So i changed it for „all sales channel“ and it doesnt work too.
Shopware redirect the emails to the old email adress.
Shopware will not send me the emails in the new email.
The Admin profils, no one have this old email in his account.

No one have a idea? :frowning:

Kategory > Footer-Navi > Shop-Service > Contact > Layout > settings > Recipient addresses > your email

So closed after long time :smiley: