AppRegistrationException - The app provided an invalid response

Hi again,

I’m trying to register an app in ShopWare (dockware installation) and after creating manifest file I’m trying to install it via console by bin/console app:install --activate MyApp however I’m receiving response that is not telling me too much:

[Shopware\Core\Framework\App\Exception\AppRegistrationException] The app provided an invalid response

Request going from shopware to my app has those params:

{"shop-id"=>"UzdrLOQrFbUcZP5e", "shop-url"=>"http://localhost", "timestamp"=>"1661350836"}

and I’m sending back this response (in json):

{"proof"=>"62e96ed5dcac5f816196494f0d37b935bf4a0cd6799b0fb16c7729a1f538aac4", "secret"=>"randomly_generated_secret", "confirmation_url"=>"http://host.docker.internal:3000/confirmation"}

Am I calculating it correctly (digest is calculated as sha256 from shop-id, shop-url, app-name and app-secret) ? Or what could I do wrong here? Logs do not contain anything valuable.

Again - topic could be closed. Problem was with calculating proof as sha256 and not hmac sha256 - now it works :slight_smile: