Any documentation on how to create plugins/widgets for v5?

The lack of English documentation is one of the major obstacles non german developers face when dealing with Shopware developement. I was searching for documentation on how to create a widget, integrate it on my plugin and allow admins to include it on any product pages… However i couldn’t find any track except this non working example: … _1459.html The provided example plugin: Vimeo Example doesn’t work on Shopware v5. It is becoming a frustration for us to develop shopware plugins if there’s no documentation and no working examples; we are forced to ask our clients to switch to other good documented shopping systems (Prestashop for example).

You can switch the language in the upper right corner: … 8_893.html And by the way: the complete shopware 5 documentation is only available in english. Whenever you are finished complaining and whenever you have any concrete questions - feel free to ask them. Best regards

Thanks for the quick response. I can understand around 60% of what is written there in German but couldn’t find how to create those kind of widgets and even tried to download the plugin sample in the bottom of the page and installed it on Shopware 5 and got an Exception error. The widget example is only available for version 4, and the English docs of v5 don’t have any article on widgets :frowning: Is it even possible withing Shopware ecosystem to offer this customizaable widgets for admins where they can choose in which part of their theme they want the widget to show? Or must they hard code the snippet that calls the widget inside their theme templates? In Magento it is possible to create such widgets and admins can easily choose in which part of their theme they want the widget to appear. In Prestashop they offer some kind of hooks, the same for WordPress… What about Shopware? Posted the same question on Stackoverflow.

Hi, in the github issue you created with the same text(!), you mentioned an „unexpected token“ exception in one of the comments. That probably comes from an AJAX error in the background, please inspect it using the developer toolbar of your browser and provide the exact (PHP) error message, so we will be able to help you. Of course docs can always be improved, but we have so many examples for many parts of Shopware and we are heavily working on the new docs. Providing error messages and info is in most cases more helpful then shouting at the docs and threatening with customers. So please keep calm here, we will certainly find a solution for this together. Daniel

Yes, I created an issue in GitHub, with the SAME text and I also posted the question in Stack exchange… I don’t see the problem and this is not our topic anyway… I can post wherever I want no? I will keep posting it until I find a solution to my problem (caused by lack of Shopware documentation and non working examples provided by Shopware stuff). Just to make things clear; I posted here because I’am searching for a solution for a „bug“ in your COMMERCIAL product for some clients who PAY money to use Shopware… So please don’t take it personally and accuse me of „shouting at the docs and threatening with customers“ If you don’t like my post just ignore it or better… delete it! So please keep calm and don’t take it personally :slight_smile: and please if you will answer back just to talk about me and how I write or other private stuff… please just don’t reply… better close/delete this thread.

Hi, I was just pointing out, that cross posting is considered impolite in many forums and makes helping hard, as the info is spread on various platforms. I’d happily help you with this, even in my spare time, and I think we could have a solution by now, if you just provided the info, I was asking for. For commercial customers, btw, we have the support system, there is even developer support available. Best regards, Daniel //edit: The vimeo example plugin works like a charm in Shopware 5, we tested it on multiple machines. This implies a local issue (e.g. installed in wrong namespace) or something that is not easy to reproduce. As mentioned before, error messages will help here.

After some tests I found the bug that prevents the plugin to be installed; first if you try to directly upload the zip file using the plugins manager you will get this error:

To fix this I created a folder Frontend and decompressed the zip inside of it and then rezip it; this works but once uploaded the plugins don’t work anymore… so I figured I have to rename the Frontend folder into Backend!! In the article, there should be a mention of that or just upload the correct zip file! This means that nobody tested that zip file?

After testing the vimeo widget it turns out that widgets in Shopware world are used for something called shopping worlds… not really what I want :frowning: