After upgrade products not display on home page

Hello Guys,

Recently i have done upgrade on shop from 5.0 to 5.3.7

On home page emotion template broken now and no products showing.

After upgrade on this URL you can check no products showing on home page:

Before upgrade it was showing like this :

Please help me out to display same 6 products on home page on 5.3.7 version.


You have to check and possibly recreate the shopping world for the homepage.

Please guide me if possible. Because i am new to shopware.

I don’t know what the problem is. You have to look into it:


I just want to display 6 products on homepage.


Dude, RTFM.

Dude, I have read complete document and all things are set on Shopping world but still products are not display on home page.

Here is the screen shot if you can help me out.

Here is live site where this products are displaying.

I have upgrade this shop from version 5.0 to 5.3.7 and after this upgrade product disappeard from home page.

I would really appreciate if you can help me out on this issues.

Thanks in advance.


What I you build a completely new shopping world with that elements?

No its not new shopping world. It is existing shopping world.

After upgrad it is not displaying products on home page.

I have changed something and lable are visible now.

@NextMike schrieb:

What I you build a completely new shopping world with that elements?


Are you around?

Since this thread is missing a lot of basic information, I think nobody will be able to help you in a proper way. Please make a detailed description about the following questions:

  • What have you tried so far?
  • Does this issue still appear without your individual theme (with the basic responsive theme without any individualisation)
  • Does this issue still appear without your individual plugins (You can use the secure mode in the plugin manager)
  • Does this issue still appear after creating a new shopping world completely from scratch?
  • Are there any corresponding log entries?

The community might be able to give you hints, but you have to do a lot of work yourself. Without the above information we can’t even recommend anything to you.If you need professional support from shopware, it is possible to buy a professional version of shopware with a monthly support subcription. 

Hello Mr. Moritz Naczenski

I have figured out above problem with help of NextMike

Here is my upgraded store : 

Here is my actualy live website :

Now you can see on both site there is difference on home page. I want to display left sidebar with category navigation this is currently showing on live website but not showing on upgraded store. So can you please guide me how can i enable that to display left sider bar with category nagivation?

Thanks in advance.

This is an individual plugin and not part of the standard shopware installation. So the store seems to have a plugin that provides this left navigation on the home page.

After upgrade it wasn’t working only. It is working on home page. So there is some changes that we have to make it in order to show sidebar.

Here is my index.tpl code. that shows left side bar in code but not showing on home page. Please help me out to fix this.

                        {* Sidebar left *}
                        {block name=‘frontend_index_content_left’}
                            {include file=‘frontend/index/sidebar.tpl’}

                        {* Main content *}
                        {block name=‘frontend_index_content_wrapper’}

                                {block name=‘frontend_index_content’}{/block}


                        {* Sidebar right *}
                        {block name=‘frontend_index_content_right’}{/block}

                        {* Last seen products *}
                        {block name=‘frontend_index_left_last_articles’}
                            {if $sLastArticlesShow && !$isEmotionLandingPage}
                                {* Last seen products *}


                                        {s namespace=“frontend/plugins/index/viewlast” name=‘WidgetsRecentlyViewedHeadline’}{/s}