Adding invoice document to order not working


Normaly its possible to add a invoice pdf to a order.

When i try to do this the document will not be added to the order and i get a error 500 in console.

It is possible though to see the generated pdf in example mode.


Any suggestions to get this document feature to work?



Did you check the network tab of your browser for a matching error message? There is always a more explicit error message behind the 500.

Thank you for your reply.

Added an attachement with the console log.


{errors: [{code: "0", status: "500", title: "Internal Server Error",…}]}
errors: [{code: "0", status: "500", title: "Internal Server Error",…}]
0: {code: "0", status: "500", title: "Internal Server Error",…}
code: "0"
detail: "Attempted to call an undefined method named "getSalesChannelId" of class "Shopware\Core\Framework\Api\Context\AdminApiSource"."
status: "500"
title: "Internal Server Error"


 Is there already a solution here?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, an recent update of the mollie module solved the problem.

This thread can be closed as solved