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I have a question. We are new at German e-commenrce. We were told, that there is payment method called "Sofort überweisung" used often by German customers. We have tried the implementation, but we udnerstand that there must be new bank account created at Deutsche Handelsbank to be able to use Sofort überweisung. Is it really neccessary? We think that this is quite useless condition, if just want to try this method. We have also not 100% sure, if the payment is processed or confirmed in real time or it takes some time before money wil larrive to sofort. I must say that slso the support from Sofort is quite strange or not very active in help and explanation.

So, I found also payment menthod GiroPay. From the description on the website I udnerstood it could be something similar? It measn users can pay onlien directly from their online banking application and the payment is confirmed in real time?

Which of the payment method could be more used in B2B market?

Thank you very much for help and experience.



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    "SOFORT" (which is "Klarna" btw) is a payment provider - much like Paypal or Amazon Pay. You do not need any additional contracts with any german banks.

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