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Hello Shopware community,

After successfully installing Shopware 6 last week, I experimented with installing Shopware PWA by Divante, which combines the Shopware back end and Vue Storefront into a Progressibe Web Applicaiton.

I cloned the things from their Github straight into my server, and followed their documentation to install it to my Shopware instance.

The integration between the PWA and my Shopware instance went without problems, but when I visited the PWA instance, the Home Page shows a 404

Strangely enough, when I submitted a search, I can still find the items from the demo database in Shopware 6.

However, visiting any of these item pages will show me a 404 error again.

Can anyone help me with the shopware PWA? It was just freshly installed and no changes were made to the PWA code from this github:

Thank you

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