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I have a clean installation of shopware 6 (mac with docker sync).
Create a theme plugin. Everything works with for example javascript. But overwriting a twig file does not work:

- I've setted the cache: false in the twig yaml
- I use the following path like the example: touch src/Resources/views/storefront/layout/header/logo.html.twig

Can somebody set me in the right direction? I cannot create themes / plugins without this working.


  • Timmy_ClarkTimmy_Clark MemberComments: 10 Received thanks: 4 Member since: March 5

    Hi Rappas,


    you can find information on how to create theme's for shopware 6, here

    Information about working with Twig can be found here
    Also remember that Twig doesn't allow multi inheritance out of the box. Therefore we created our own twig functions sw_extends and sw_include.

    Best regards,


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