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How do you change the default currency for the price on a product? I specifically want to change the site and product defaults to USD from EUR I am talking about in the admin page, in the Catalogue-> Products section, under the Price subsection. Normally you can set the default site currency in the sales channel and even add and remove currencies in the settings menu, but this does not appear to affect a product when you create a new product the price is still defaulted to the Euro symbol, and price are using price conversions from the conversion rate.

Here is the area I am speaking about:


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    you can set a default currency for the sales channel.
    Just take a look at the sales channel that you want to set to USD, make sure that the currency is active.

    Please note, that this is just the default currency for that sales channel. Your system default language can't be changed. The system default currency is used fore.g.  tax calculation.

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