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I manage to install Shopware 5 version on Linux Ubuntu (on localhost) and also manage to add and configure payment gateway plugin. So far everything is ok.
The problem is that when I want to make a test purchase from frontend (Demoshop), I am stuck on Address section (see the image attached). When I trying to log in with existing user (created in system), nothing happens when I press the Login button. Also when I am adding new customer via registration form on the right side and press Continue, also nothing happens - it simply reloads the form and it is blank again. I am now stuck with this and unable to move to Payment & shipping section to the page. Can you please advice how this might be fixed?

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    Hello Jocky,

    it caused actually due to session timeout for the login customer. For localhost the session timeout value is too low, so every time customer login it gets a timeout. for me fix this issue manually set the timeout limit in sAdmin.php  file sCheckUser function. Try this Wink If the shop is installed in server I won't get this error.

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