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Not really sure that I am on right category to ask this question about my websites. I have two websites one is related to taufkerzen and one is about automotive. Both belong to Germany.

My first problem is with sitemap_index.xml which is created by seo yoast. One month ago I submitted my website to Google search Console, at that time it shows an error. "Sitemap could not be retrived" or "sitemap couldn't fetch". I searched and tried on the internet and saw a dozen of video on how to fix this issues, but I am facing this problem again and again. 

if you can help me in this issue will be grateful. I am really stuck on this issue, my client is going to kick me off. 

My second problem is so big, it is also related to search console errors, there are two links which is showing crawl issue, I have submitted them for re-indexing, I am waiting for 48 hours, I hope this issue will be resolved soon. 


looking for someone who can assist me . 


Thank you


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