Why do Sales Channel IDs are not exported or imported with Import/Export Profiles?

I am exporting and importing products using the default profiles in 6.2. Before 6.2 sales_channel ID was being exported alongside the product. However after the 6.2 update now the sales channel id is exported as an empty column, and even if you fill an id in the column, the id is not imported with the product. The product does not get an id and therefore is not visible in the storefront.

Is the mapping still correct in the profile? Just duplicate the default profile and check  the mapping.

yes the maping is correct, it is the visibilities.all. I duplicated the profile, created a new one with all of the 3 visibility fields but none of them returns a value during export work during export. I am sure that they were working before the 6.2 update. [@Moritz Naczenski](http://forum.shopware.com/profile/14574/Moritz Naczenski „Moritz Naczenski“)‍ do you experience the same on your side or it is just me?

Is there anything new on this problem? I either can’t import or export the visibilities in the sales channels (Shopware 6.2).

This is a Shopware 6.2 bug. Sales channel IDs are neither exported nor imported.

I can confirm that this issue still exists like described in version 6.2.1.

I think this issue has priority.
Because if the sales_channel is not set manually afterwards, the product will not be displayed in the shop frontend.

Crosslink to the issuetracker ticket: https://issues.shopware.com/issues/NEXT-8646

Hi: we can confirm that this is a 6.2.1 problem.we cannot import visibility nor export but in the first 6.1 versions it worked but now there seems to be a bug. A quick solution would be much appreciated: otherwise we would have to add visibility manually for 500 products.

i am also in urgent need of a solution, the bug still exists in v6.2.3 …Or is there another solution?

@Apfel‍ in our case we did it manually.

Hello together,
can someone give me an update how you solved the problem? Our intention is to export a few sales channel into another Shopware 6 system (both latest release 6.4.):
Thanks Ralf