Try to connect database of shopware 6 but facing issue


I have installed Shopware 6 in VM machine.It is successfully installed with this link Frontend : Backend : 
now i am trying to connect database but i what exact url to connect database because there is no link define in vagrant docs 

i have also  installed shopware 5 in VM machine and this database url is but shopware 6 has not open adminer.php or adminer so how can i  connect to database and also i want to connect with sqlyog so what configuration would i do to connect SQLyog


mysql host address: localhost

user : root

password: password

database: shopware

ssh host address:

user : root

password: password

One more thing i want to share i have changed the root password using cli

mysql -u root -p
and i have mentioned this password  demo1234
so what will my new configuration?


Thanking you in advance  



adminer is not part of shopware, you need to install it yourself.

Firstly Thanks to give feedback  and 
OK i understood your point… but i am also trying to connect database using SQLyog but facing authentication issue. I have mentioned the mysql and SSH details which i insert for configured but facing error .

I can access the database using CLI. All tables will appear there tables count 152 

but i want to configure this Database with SQLyog

Thanking you in advance

i dont know SQLyog, so you have to read its documentation on that.
(quick glance shows its a binary for ms-windows? in that case you propably need to allow direct mysql connections from outside, also for the mysql user…)

FWIW, heres how i install adminer on our (debian/ubuntu) vm:

mkdir /srv/adminer
curl -Lo /srv/adminer/index.php
tee /etc/apache2/sites-available/adminer.conf <
        ServerName adminer.shopware.local
        DocumentRoot /srv/adminer
            Require all granted
a2ensite adminer
systemctl restart apache2

ps. i also use vagrant plugin hostsupdater to add adminer.shopware.local to hosts file on the host, so you may need to add that manually…

pps. i guess you can also do what someone did in your shopware-5 vm, copy the adminer.php to your shopware directory. (but dunno if .htaccess will rewrite your request to shopware php)

Hi there!

@Rizwan schrieb:

now i am trying to connect database but i what exact url to connect database because there is no link define in vagrant docs

The MySQL database is running on port 3306. You should be able to connect to the database via ‚‘ by providing your database credentials.

You can install adminer just like wontfix described in his post. The .htaccess only acts for the shopware-dev vhost. If you setup your own adminer apache vhost inside the vagrant box it should work.