Trouble Migrating from Shopware 6 to Shopware 6

Hi, so I am trying to migrate from one Shopware to I downloaded and updated the Migration Assistant on both applcations. I created the Integration connection on the source Application.
I copied the Access key ID and the Secret access key.

On the target machine, I went to „Settings“, „Extension“ and „Migration Asssistant“. I named the connection, loaded in the key and password and put in the URL of the soure machine. At the end, I get this error:

„No Connection“
„Internal server error. Please try again.“

My question is:

  1. Am I putting the URL in wrong?, Has anyone else had this problem before? Is there anyway to do this with the CLI „Command Line Interface“

Below are the screens that I get.

I have the same problem. I suppose that migration is only available to source stores >6.4. As far as i can see shopware 6.5 is not supported (yet) as a source store…

Are the domains running on the same server/ip? This give trouble with the api not working.
I was unable to find a solution in the end changed one domain to a other server

Hey :slight_smile:
This was a bug in the migration assistant, it was solved in version 7.0.0.

Here is the Issueticket: Shopware Issuetracker