Theme Question, who makes this, front-end or back-end developer?

Can you explain to me something. I want to have my complete new Shopware theme with my own visual identity, so my question is, who I need to hire for this job, who connects it with the shopware software, frontend or backend developer? Best Regards

You would be best adviced to directly search for a „Shopware Theme Developer“ as it mainly means frontend work but also needs to stick to the shopware structure.

Sure any frontend developer could sit down 'n spent hours just to get used to the shopware folder system and smarty components but every problem the developer encounters costs your time and money.

I think the forum comes with a job section, maybe you could post your request there and see if anyone contacts you about the job.


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Ok tnx for the quick answer PStadtfeld, can you tell me just one more thing? What does the back-end developer do then, is he even necessary?

Well the „backend developer“ would be needed for plugin creation mostly I guess. But even here it’d be better to find someone who already got some shopware experience.

Thanks for sharing this information. It was useful.