System config after save event


in shopware 4 and 5 it was possible to link to the system config save event. I do not find the way to do this in Shopware 6. 

What do I want to do? 

For one part of the configuration I want to react after saving the config of the plugin. I need to write the value to another part of the database. 

Anybody has a solution?

Best regards, Rafael

Hi @maurer

Did you find any solution for this?

I need this in shopware 6 aswell.

Hi @KevinHansen and @maurer ,

did you two found a solution?

I need this too :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. My solution is to handle it over another route…

I think you can use the EntityWrittenEvent (or so) and have to check if the entity is a system_config Entity.