Shopware - Extjs - Can not send valid Ajax request from plugin config window


Shopware backend extjs question. Shopware 5.4.6 version

I have task to implement button on plugin config window which will send request on backend controller. So I implemented button and wrote code to execute ajax:


And when I click to button I get status 500 with message in apache log:

Call to undefined method Shopware_Proxies_ShopwareControllersBackendEtsyUserDataProxy::setFront()

So, is there proper way to write this request or I misunderstood something? Or it is a bug?

Controllers Folder is reserved for the old controller system. Just name your folder to „Controller“ or move this controller to new „controller“ folder and it will work

namespace PluginName\Controller\Backend;

class YourController extends \Shopware_Controllers_Backend_ExtJs
public function testAction()

and in your config.xml


        <label lang="de">xxxxx</label>

        <label lang="en">xxxxx</label>




                function() {


                    url: 'YourController/test',

                    success: function (response) {
                    failure: function (response) {