Shopware 6 removes html tags from snippets

Hi! When I’m adding LI-tag to the snippet - SW removes this tag after saving. But tag A-tag works fine. How can I save LI-tags in the snippet as well?

Hey @yurii.k
this probably happens due to the html_sanitizer.
Shopware 6 - Tutorials & FAQs - HTML Sanitizer

You will need to whitelist the LI-tags in your z-shopware.yaml for snippets.
This would look something like this:

            -   name: snippet
                tags: [ "LI" ]
                attributes: [ "...", "...", "..." ]
                    - key: HTML.Trusted
                      value: true
                    - key: CSS.Trusted
                      value: true

You will just need to add the attributes that you also want to use with the LI-tags :slight_smile: