Shopping-worlds, number of lines at Artikel-slider element

Hello community, :shopware: i am wondering how to add more than just 1 line of artikle slider, without using many of them but just one and rezising the element inside shopping-worlds. For example 4 lines of Top seller are right now achivable by using 4 Artikle-Sliders, my point is to use only one and self configure how many lines will be showen. Looking for advice. :happy: Bets regards :thumbup:

This is handled by the data Attribute data-itemminwidth=„xxx“ which then calculates the width of the item and therefore also the number of items which are displayed in the slider. Add the data attribute to the .product-slider: … er.tpl#L19

Hello, i tried that, the result i attached to screen. it worked in some way, now it displays 10 per container how can i adjust the height of the product inside container and also make so if i use double amount of grids, it display then 2 sliders inside container, if tripple, then 3rd slider and so on. (talking about the 3rd container on the screenshot. Thanks and best regards. :thumbup:

You may have a look which product template is loaded: … les.tpl#L4 Therefore you have to edit the specific productbox template: … motion.tpl Of course you can also add your very own product box templates. You may also have a look @ … roduct-box for custom product templates.

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Ok, that seems little more complecated as expected, gonna take a look later on that. Thanks anyways, solved. Best regards. :thumbup: