Return order api is not found Shopware

Hello all,

I am in the process of writing an integration for creating return orders in shopware.
I am using the latest shopware version: In addition, I have assigned all the permissoins, and have also already used the admin role for testing the API. But I cannot reach any of the many endpoints in any way I keep getting the following response:

    "errors": [
            "code": "0",
            "status": "404",
            "title": "Not Found",
            "detail": "No route found for "GET https://shopware6.test/api/order-return""

Do you guys have any idea how this is possible. All other endpoints are reachable except the one from the order-returns.

Thanks for your help.

Honestly it is just guessing, maybe the order-return api is only available with subscription plan rise and up. To my knowledge order-return is a subscription feature.

Hi Max, thanks for the help!

That is something I thought too. I will test this and reply back when I know more!

Hi Tom! Did you figure this out yet? Returns are part of a paid plan, but you should think it is available through the API to make something yourself?