Regenerate Thumbnails

Hi there,

The thumbnails aren’t always generated properly after migration. I found the media:generate-thumbnails command in bin/console to generate the thumbnails but this doesn’t help me because it just skips the ''already generated" thumbnails. I would like to realy REgenerate them. Is there a way to remove all the thumbnails and let them regenerate by the console?

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Hi Dylan,

i did check this in my environment and indeed it is right that thumbnails will not be regenerated if already existing. 
You will need to clear the „media_thumbnail“ table in your database to regenerate the thumbnails.

I also added a ticket to our issue tracker so that it can be changed in future updates:

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If I do this, no thumbnails will be shown in the frontend. Only the large source file will be scaled down and with bin/console media:generate-thumbnails no thumbs will be generated.

It works now: I deleted the public/thumbnail/* content and now it works like expected.