Problem with Rest API Shopware 5.2 with PUT method

Hello all, 

I am having issues when trying to use the PUT method in shopware on the articel resource. I keep getting this error . And it works for POST and GET. I am using the ApiClient provided in the developers section. REST API - Basics . Are there some new changes in the 5.2 version? Is there a documentation or something that I could read? 

Thank you

by the way: You could use this Shopware SDK GitHub - LeadCommerceDE/shopware-sdk: A PHP SDK for the Shopware 5 REST API

Tried with the SDK that but I am getting a 
GuzzleHttp\Exception\ClientException: Client error: GET resulted in a 406 Not Acceptable response: 

Heya, thanks for trying our SDK. When you encounter issues like this please open a issue on this issue tracker with more details:

Actually my primary problem was to do with my server mod_security settings, so nothing wrong with the SDK. If I encounter additional problems I will report them there. 
Thank you :)