PDF-upload to Shopware 6

Hallo there,
does anyone know, if and when shopware 6 will be able to receive PDF-media via and display them in the frontend as you know from SW5?

We do not want to user 3rd-party plugins.

Kinde regards

That is the Shopware roadmap

Hallo Max. Dort finde ich nichts von PDFs o. ä.

Ist denn da gar nichts geplant? Das ist eine wirklich gravierende Lücke.

Viele Grüße

I do not work at Shopware. The roadmap and Github are the only places where you can see what the Shopware developers are developing.

Ah sorry, didn’t see that :slight_smile:
I cross fingers to get this functionality soon.

Cheers Marco

what do you want, upload pdf media to media manager?
you can do that, for this you have to extend these list platform/shopware.yaml at trunk · shopware/platform · GitHub in your shopware configuration. append pdf in list, then you will be able to upload pdf files.

It is not the upload. We can upload pdf-files, but there is no way to display them as downloads, as you know it from SW5.

a workaround would be to create custom fields of type „Media field“, assign them to your products and than you can upload any pdf file and do what you want.

this idea we already thought about and we could do this, but, we are looking for a standardized technique from Shopware like in SW5.