No media after migration from Magento

I’m doing a test migration (locally) from Magento 1.9 to Shopware 6. Most of the migration seems (?) to work, except for all product images.

No images are shown on the frontend. If I check the Content > Media > Product images there is an error for all images (see attached image).

I have re-migrated the media twice - with no errors. After migration of media, the indexing finish (see image).

So, what is the problem/solution?

/ Magnus

Same problem. I switched to another server with higher performance.

Okay. I will see if it works by allocate more memory to PHP.

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I solved the problem!
And, in case anyone else have the same issue: The path for the old Magento store „Store installation folder“ was wrong. If set to the complete and absolut path the images are correct.

I’m using MAMP Pro on a Mac, and the path needs to be: