Need to get more information on swagQL & customer group price setup

I am trying to get the below data from the APIs but am not able to find the information about swagQL:

  1. List with basic information of Product resources | Admin API
    The above API fetches product data but I also want to fetch the advance prices. I come to know about swagQL but not able to find the example to use it. How can i fetch advance prices using above API?
  2. Detailed information about a Cms Page resource | Admin API
    The above API fectches CMS data call but I am not able to fetch the description, Can i get the example swagQL json to get the description?

On another note, i want to confirm if someone wants to setup customer group prices in Shopware 6, only way is to use the Rule builder for this and assign customer group?

Looking forward to get answers here. Thanks in advance.