Need Help with Location of a file and folder

More problems understanding the SW6 file system.

The contact page has the standard agree to terms toggle button with text link to the privacy file.

problem 1: on the contact page clicking the text link produces modal popup 404 error

Problem 2 on the registration page the link works but the modal popup reads Lorem Ipsum text.

delving deeper the url path is:

I have searched the server file system and there is no folder or subfolder labeled „widgets/cms“

There is no indication in the SW6 site admin of any folder labeled „widgets“

The basic SW6 form submission feature does not allow to point to a specific privacy page.

How do I assign the correct SW6 page to display the info in the model popup

I need help resolving the problem

Site: Growzwerg GmbH Grow Shop

go to the kontakt page for the 404 error and go to registration page top see the model working but only lorem ipsum text. The fill page can be viewed here