My first API Call


I installed Shopware 6 on my local machine, and create my demo shop, and I can access the Administrator Dashboard via http://localhost/admin#/.

Under Catalogues -> Products  I created a new product ’ SW10000’.

Under Settings -> Integrations I created a new Integration ( Access Key ID / Secret Access key ) for an existing user.


Now I try to GET information of this new created product by typing http://localhost/api/articles/SW10000 in the address bar in Google chrome, but I get error message 

 {"errors":[{"code":"0","status":"404","title":"Not Found","detail":"No route found for \u0022GET \/api\/articles\/SW10000\u0022"}]} 


I’ve understood that before quering a product I should authenticate my user, but dont know how!

My question, is it possible to call the APIs from any web browser or maybe using CURL?

Thanks in advance