Multiple Language Installation Shopware 6

I have installed Shopware 6 (my provider had a plug in doing it), and I start to understand how to use it, and I also manage to get some of the function into page.

My problem is that I do not understand how to get the multiple language to work.

In the backend, one can define the url for the different languages. So I set up
myurl/test (english version) The normal installation which also works.
myurl/test/de (german version)
myurl/test/se (swedishversion)

At the moment the complete installation is in my folder

But how do I make it work? Can I simply copy-past all content from the main folder to the „language folders“ myurltest/de myurl/test/se?

Or is is only some specific folders?

Hi Feeleep,

there is no need to copy the content to a specific folder, you need to map the products and pages that you want to use to the sales channel. I would advice you to read this documentation. It explains how to setup multiple languages.

If your on the sales channel configuration page, remember that you can switch the language in the top right. If you switch this from English to Swedish you can enter some specific information.

Best regards,
Timmy Clark