Modify Orders Overwiew table

Hi guys!

I want to modify the Orders Overview table. The idea is to get visible orders and check their totals with a custom table with information. If the Order total is different than the total saved in the custom table I want to put small marker in some of the order cells so the merchant take care and check.

How I try to do it - in /src/Resources/app/administration/src I have main.js where try to override ‚sw-order-list‘. I tried to move this override in my module index.js file but with same result.

I wait for created() method and there I call my JS file. I check the table, collect the order numbers, then send them via Ajax to custom controller and do the check.

Shopware.Component.override('sw-order-list', {
    created() {
        console.log('Order list created');
        // call my custom method here

The first problem is when the table is created it is not still filled, because the getList() method is asynchronous. So I call my custom logic too early. I search here and there, but the examples I found are not enough to me to understand how to use getList() method.

If someone have more experience can he/she tell me how to execute my idea?

As I understand there are no controller events in the administration so I have to use JS, but I can not use jQuery or ordinary JS events, because SW suppress them.