Add a Custom Button in Order Details


I would like to add a Custom button in order details next to Edit button.

I’m struggling to find what module and twig block to override, I’ve been trying to override sw-order-detail module but it doesn’t seem to work. I did not find any other module with Edit button that I could overwrite.

Could anyone point me into the right direction?

the sw-order-detail is the right way.
How did you override the module? Can you show some code?
Have you imported your module into main.js ?


yes module was imported in main.js then in index.js I’m overwriting module:

import template from './sw-order-detail.html.twig';

const { Component } = Shopware;

Component.override('sw-order-detail', {

then in sw-order-detail.html.twig some basic code:

{% block sw_order_detail_actions_slot_smart_bar_actions %}
    {% parent() %}

Twig blocks I tried:

When I overwrite sw-order-detail-base (and then choose some twig block from base), instead of sw-order-detail, button appears just fine, but I cannot get button to show.

I am installing assets and clearing cache every time i make change and elements in other places appear, so it should here too. I added buttons in many other subpages, just this one does not seem to work, no matter what I do.

use {% parent %} without the brackets.

otherwise it looks ok to me.