Missing product reviews in product export from sales channel


On one of my sites, I need to export product reviews for Google Product Review. Google product feeds are already set up using sales channels, one for each language. I wanted to do it in a similar way for product reviews, but even for different locales It’s always exporting only reviews in the German language, event when product title and other information are displayed in correct language

Here is the template code

<name>{{ product.translated.name|escape }}</name>

{% for review in product.productReviews.getElements() %}
        <review_id>{{ review.id }}</review_id>
            {% if  review.customer is not null %}
                <name>{{ review.customer.firstName }}</name>
                <reviewer_id>{{ review.customer.id }}</reviewer_id>
            {% else %}
                <name>{{ review.externalUser }}</name>
                <reviewer_id>{{ review.customerId}}</reviewer_id>
            {% endif %}
        <review_timestamp>{{ review.createdAt.getTimestamp()|date('y-m-d') }}</review_timestamp>
        <title>{{ review.title }}</title>
        <content>{{ review.comment }}</content>
        <review_url type="singleton">{{ seoUrl('frontend.detail.page', {'productId': product.id}) }}</review_url>
            <overall min="1" max="5">{{ review.points }}</overall>
                            <gtin>{{ product.ean|escape }}</gtin>
                    <product_name>{{ product.translated.name|escape }}</product_name>
                    <product_url>{{ seoUrl('frontend.detail.page', {'productId': product.id}) }}</product_url>
{% endfor %}