Migrate product sales from shopware 5 for sorting?

Hi guys,

In the SW5, there was an option to add custom sorting by popularity. From what I check, I could see that the popularity sorting is using table s_articles_top_seller_ro (field sales).

However in SW6, there is no topseller tables. And in SW6, topseller sorting can be load by product.sales field. However, products.sales in shopware 6 is migrated from same column in SW5 ( s_articles_details.sales).

My questions are,

  1. Is this observation correct?
  2. If I populate product.sales in SW6 from the value of s_articles_top_seller_ro.sales from SW5, is there any issue going to happen in the future? Is there any functionalities in SW6, which use products.sales as input? I checked in shopware 6, so far I couldn’t find anything.

Thank you

I’m also experiencing the same issue after trying migrating to SW6 and would like to have sorting by popularity based on past sales.

All entries in product.sales are 0 though. Eager to hear more on this topic.