Logo will not be shown

Hi everybody its me Vanessa,

i am using Shopware 6, i changed the logo but now it will not be shown anymore, regardless of the viewport size.

I would be very happy, if someone can help me. 

Best regards,

Vanessa :slight_smile:


Hi Vanessa,

did you add the logo to your selected „custom“ template in Shopware 6? For me everything works perfectly fine if I add it to the template and select this template for a sales channel. Maybe you can give us more insight on what you did :-) 

Kind regards,

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Hi Tim,

thank you for your answer :slight_smile: i am using an svg file, is it possible that shopware dont support svg files?

Best regards 


Hello Vanessa. 

If you want to use SVG file then you will have to add in Storefront/Resources/views/storefront/layout/header/logo.html.twig